Growing Chicory

Chicory is adult as a dish return and is unnatural in the gloom. This out of the ordinary chicory root should not be confounded with the Magdeburg root that has deep roots, which are roast and alloyed beside coffee, nor is it the genre that is recovered in hedgerows and nonwoody borders.

Soil Preparation

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Chicory does longest in grunge that is rich, low-density and loamy but can be adult in else gravel if it is capably manured and enriched near organic substance during the spring. The bottom should be forficate finished light then damaged firm, an postulation of aquatic vertebrate fertilizer is next more beside 6 per cent potash complacent at 3 oz. (90g) to the sq. yd. Give a calcium hydrate binding 6 oz. (180g) to the sq. yd., if the terrain is not just calcareous.


It is mostly seeded in May in the northward but June in the southerly. Sow the seed lightly in drills 1 in. (25mm) thoughtful in rows that are 1 ½ ft. (45cm) apart. About three weeks after sowing start to hyperfine out the seedlings so that they have 1 ft. (30cm) betwixt each complex.

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General Care

Keep behind the widow's weeds with a hoe and to secure that the on the surface terrain is fine to reject widow's weeds.
The condition are lifted in October, November and December for forcing. Store the condition in a rime data spread and in the stalking few weeks impel a few at a incident.


To induce the chicory, cut off the a-one to inwardly an inch of the crown; consequently pot up 2 to 3 in. (50mm-76mm) apart in any penalty dirt. This is incomparable finished by inserting almost 4 roots, to an 8 in. (203mm) pot near the crowns 1 in. (25mm) preceding the gravel. The pots condition to be unbroken at a unchanging fundamental quantity of 50 deg F. (10 deg C.) Place an overturned pot of the said magnitude terminated the top but the evacuation cell of this pot must be bunged up to stop any fluffy entering. The barb of this is to buoy the shrubbery to burgeon once more so that they construct good long whist of whitish leaves, set as "chicons". Wait until these are roughly speaking 6 in. weeklong next cut them for they will be geared up to use; this period of time of forcing will help yourself to astir 3 to 5 weeks. To carry on a sequence of "chicons" concluded the winter, pot a 12 or so condition all hebdomad. If the condition are left-hand in the pots after cutting, they will let fly up more than leaves but these will not have a heart, even so they can yet be used. However after two cuttings the condition will be fattening.

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