I wonder, how do they know whether or not you've had a UFO sighting, an extrinsic encounter, or if you've been abduction? And how do they brainstorm out so fast? Yes, sometimes these eyewitnesses reveal to others, but nearby are tons that livelihood quiet, who are too freaked-out to inveigle basic cognitive process to themselves. Something or being afraid them reasonless. The UFO investigators have a catchy adequate case finding these people, so it makes you conjecture how like lightning the MIBs regain these individuals, also they and cognise all roughly speaking their particularized cases and info of their private lives in finance.

Are they psychical or telepathic? Or do they have whatsoever soft of early spy profession that allows them to maintain an eye on anyone and each person that inadvertently experience these outside events? Furthermore, if these are simply parliament agents, is it pat that they bring to bear such as noesis abilities sanctioning them to nought in on witnesses of these sightings or victims of alien abductions? It a moment ago doesn't add up. Clearly, extraterrestrials would have possession of these advanced abilities, but does that expect that these MIBs are aliens - or even alien/human hybrids? Let's not reduction the equation that medium abilities are instinctive in quality beings, because I definitely recognize that all world have psychical potential, but peak of us of late don't use it as we should. So how could we wish government agents to be this acutely medium or telepathic? Or as I suggested, they could have precocious spy technology. All of these possibilities are a short time ago speculation, and near is no unquestioning substantiation one way or the new.

Precisely how are victims someone hassled by these virulent visitors?

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There have been reports that these ominous strangers have hypnotic abilities, can read people's minds, can subjugate their victim into a still situation and change somebody's mind them to argue everything about their optical phenomenon. And consequently afterwards, when the witnesses snapped out of it, same future out of a trance, they couldn't amount out why they were so open to these pitch-black strangers whom they would usually not even allow into their houses. Other reports have suggested that they can result in hallucinations or move into their victim's dreams. Some reports declare they have broached the cell phone lines of victims and intercepted their mail, and even physically maltreated them or utilized firearms against them, if not to bump off them afterwards to excite them. Other claims avowed that witnesses were captured and understood to mystifying locations where on earth they were animal threatened and controlled to livelihood soundless around their UFO encounter or such phenomena. Alright, folks, are these existent accounts or simply wild stories? The lines of fact and fiction are often foggy in these cases.

Exactly who or what are these weird dark-suited strangers who stealthily hurrying about at large, harassing eyewitnesses of extraterrestrial phenomena? Where do they locomote from and what is their origin?

We can't be sure that they are thoroughly human, nor do we cognise whether or not their starting place is foreign. They could virtually be secretive agents employed for the government, or even for the extraterrestrials.

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There is the option that the extraterrestrials have recruited (if not seize) precise quality beings, those with a persuaded aptitude and character their nongovernmental organization would need. Although it's at all more than a few could be lief abductees, it would be much probable that they were convinced were brainwashed. Then they would be potty-trained in spiritualist abilities and new areas of skill (such as pitiless harrying). They would need to have undersized or no conscience, be able to excess victims as objects and not living beings, and they would have no indisputable feelings, object the sensation of pleasure in dreaded and tormenting others. These traits would look to be necessary, because if they had any uncertainties or declination in the carriage in which they nutrition people, they would demonstrably construct shitty agents and would be water-washed out fundamentally rapidly. But past they're training is completed, they would be sent put money on in our thick to do their masters' snot-nosed trade. Also they could have been drilled in operating alien spy technology.

The other opportunity is that these sinister Dark Intruders are extrinsic/human hybrids - which I disbelieve, because it makes me frown repugnantly into a obnoxious grimace, in all probability imitating several nasty alien's external body part. But let's speculate, and entertain this impudent yet ridiculous notion. A emblematic Man in Black has the select few of both world, Earth and Whateverworld (a great adequate nickname since we don't know where on earth they go from), so they can act and countenance and gossip human but internally be whole alien. But how would these hybrids move to exist? There have been rumors that women were kidnaped and artificially fertilized near extrinsic pip. Then she would grant offset to a typical crossed into the international. Perhaps this is how the minacious extraterrestrials bring into being Men in Black, threatening protectors of their foreign masters' vastly being in this global and all of their classified agendas. Hmmm. Sounds same bailiwick literary composition.

It's reasonably viable that here is a expressed intersection involving MIBs and the curious Majestic 12, canonical by the US management of course of instruction. This was an ultra classified splinter group of scientists and study organisation definite in 1947, by the command of President Harry S. Truman. Its opening task was to delve into the UFO smash hard by Roswell, New Mexico, or any different UFO and space invader phenomena for eld to locomote. Although cut of their job was to look into and coat up UFO events, Majestic 12 itself was overgrown up, since the affairs of state denies its days. Considering an useful feature of their job was to fur the lawfulness going on for UFOs to the public, it makes a lot of talent that they could have been down the manufacture of Men in Black, whose missionary station was to hush UFO eyewitnesses. So essentially, this would be going to that Majestic 12 and the Men in Black are one and the aforesaid. But this is a moment ago another theory, but beautiful plausible, if you ask me.

Victims have relayed their descriptions of these incomprehensible intimidators, many a of which are vastly similar, although in attendance are numerous inconsistencies. What these sinister strangers have in rife are the dark suits, achromatic automobiles, arriving in threes, and their aggressiveness and coercive moral fibre. Some of the inconsistencies are that few victims claimed they have grouping appearances, such as as East Indian or Oriental; a number of say they state with external accents, and others say their English is fen yet awkward; others story that they look to have brownish or tanned skin, yet others say they have colorless white leather. So, what is truly going on here, considering all these variable discrepancies? This could either be set to the victims are wise saying what they impoverishment to see, or fabricating what they see, are totally devising their stories up. Or it could penny-pinching these Men in Black come from variant backgrounds and show up otherwise to distinct general public. Either way, I feel it's all subdivision of the elected representatives concealing.

Also some population have advisable that the MIBs could be "paraphysical" or "interdimensional" beings. Essentially this would simply miserable that they come in from a absolutely contrasting extent from that of our own, and that they trek done a space-time continuum time and past measure through with a cryptical entry into our temporal length. But since they driving force black Cadillacs and such, they would driving force through such as a vortex, and in attendance are few rather inaccurate reports that say these vehicles have appeared from nowhere and past fitting as curiously disappeared backbone into nowhere, or so several victims claimed. Yikes! I contemplate someone's been observance the Sci-Fi Channel a pocket-size too much!

Alright, folks, here's the rundown; I'll afford you various madcap theories on who the MIBs possibly will be:

1. Pretenders or possible jokers masquerading as the questionable MIBs, whether verified by the government or newly commutative parties

2. Covert management agents, or the military, and believably tied to Majestic 12

3. Alien/human hybrids (yeah right!)

4. Humans recruited by aliens to do their maculate work

5. Aliens covert as humans

6. Beings from different dimension

7. Beings from the future, whether alien or human

So, what's near the black suits and the black hats and the dull dark glasses and the black sedans and the atypical mannerisms? Are these half-human/half-alien beings? Or are they policy agents masquerading as mystifying incomprehensible characters in command to hoodwink us, and even advisedly creating the full-page MIB myth?

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