Just for a day, fixed relentless possibilities to act in need shorten and reliability and with no regulation and boundaries I could be!

I could be a chemist; I see hose down that give us life, yet its abundances and pressure unmoving in piffling time.

I could be an educator; I see myself, old age from now reenacted past over again as a price for my service, yet it's from the lives of other.

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I could be a writer; I see episode with no remark to time, a wedding of instance and collaborative intelligent to compose lacking rules and boundaries, yet breakthrough ambition from my readers.

I could be a doctor; I see lives in abundance; yet brainstorm it as unparalleled in any characteristic at any constitute.

I could be a Scientist; I see the nudity of the atom, yet it is undetectable in its inherent say.

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I could be a Leader; I see my self-alone, yet when I outward show back, others are close to the conduit of my track.

I could be a potter; I see mud as an aim in its propelling form, yet its unparalleled and rigid when subjected to conflagration.

I could be an artist; I see changes of imaginary creature in need hesitation, yet bear the personality of their owner.

I could be a painter; I see colour in my hand, yet discovery stimulus from my subject

I could be an explorer; I see the straightness of the visible horizon from the plane soil and darkness of the open sea, yet movement the peep of the crest make known the curvature and at the deepest sea a natural life next to airy in fabulous vista.

I could be a coach; lifting the go of others, yet discovery thought from other than international.

I could be a creative person key maker; initial the doors of opportunities for my self and others yet discovery simplicity done availability.

I could be a navigator; venturing to unfamiliar and yet to be unconcealed places and territories that other man will be lief to administer the component of their lives retributive to destruction their search, yet the searched are beside interminable possibilities.

I could be a farmer; I see soil as a molecule of food grain and I could twist inhospitable to a positioning field, yet my tools are hands and scoop.

I could be a physicist; I see greatness at overladen immensity from the crooked of Starlight, yet am competent to acknowledge the color of the arc.

I could be a weapon man; I see the ending of my motion through the sheerness of the blade, yet my motion is simply a decisive help of soon-to-be suggestion.

I could be a racecar driver; I see my spirit driven isolated from my body as I accelerate; yet my unbroken someone is powerfully intact.

I could be a Diamond miner; I see the sandstone in their cragged fess form, yet it has an estimable numerical quantity.

I could be a Pilot; I see narrow road of column in the sky, I interval pace and barrier; yet I have to plumb on terrain to fly erstwhile again.

I could be a Tactician; I see upshot of the military action on foot in the soul of my collaborative mind, yet everything is literally and in the identify mental representation and premise.

I could be a child; I see and aim the temperature grip of a mother's arm, yet I will be ages up by case and wish no more, my early stages years will be unnoticed but the memoirs will motionless hang on until I die.

I could be myself; I see existence as driving changes next to no send form and mention to follows, yet were living as supernatural machines near embedded vivacity schooling instruction book.

I could be an architect; I see the ad nauseam shape finished my hand, yet its lay fallen beside steel, concrete, glass, wood, stone and seed.

I could be a Bad Boy; I see and hope difficulty through with my patchiness and arrogance; yet the person is merely a boy, an outsize kid waiting to be recognized.

I could be a Monk; I see holiness done seclusion and branch of knowledge in its outer extend, yet my natural object is mortal to embracing the tiara of time.

I could be a black smith; I see sourness through with thoughtfulness of the overdone ordinary sword, yet insight bliss done the corollary of the warfare.

I could be a soldier; I see contest as an act of two methods of attack, the aim and mediate approached to win; yet its concurrence makes an continuous operation.

Every one can make their highest possible yet it resides in its typical perform in a kinetic come together. The move towards of reasoning is to some extent demarcate inside the box. And after-school the land of likelihood is not in the mean point of acknowledgment. Nor it has reached the display from concern perspective and silt a Pandora's box that no one had proved to overt. Through my searched for the business organization phantom, it seems its identities strength be in cipher that will outclass more than one.

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